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Customer Training

Weyerhaeuser provides extensive Chips-to-Cartons training to our most valued customers on topics related to the paperboard industry. Classes are offered several times a year at our facility or yours. Modules vary in length and can be combined to create an educational package tailored especially to meet your needs. The course objectives include:

  • Chips to Cartons: Creating a Customer Line of Sight Create mutual success by understanding how liquid packaging board influences end-use properties of gable-top cartons.
  • Paperboard Process Overview Receive an introduction to the process of boardmaking at Longview.
  • Measuring Quality Understand measurement techniques used to optimize quality during liquid packaging board manufacturing.
  • Runnability Learn the fundamentals of improving liquid packaging board and converting performance.
  • Printability Receive an introduction to the science of liquid packaging board printability.
  • Handling Durability Learn how cartons are engineered to survive handling without damage or leakage.
  • Transportation Durability Learn how cartons survive vehicle transportation without leakage and how to improve durability.
  • Carton Bulge Learn how cartons are engineered to control bulges.
  • Grip Firmness Understand how cartons are engineered to be firm and easy to hold.
  • Wet Spots Learn how to avoid wet spots on the bottoms of gable-top cartons.
  • Hygiene and Appearance Understand how health and appearance criteria influence the manufacturing of liquid packaging board.