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Liquid Packaging

Weyerhaeuser's Liquid Packaging business is serious about our commitment to the environment and our communities. Our products are inherently sustainable because they are developed from a natural resource and so are a great alternative to nonrenewable materials. Our environmental commitment is demonstrated in many ways, from our management of sustainable forestlands to our progressive recycling programs.

Raw Materials

The wood fiber that creates our paperboard comes from sustainable timberlands and residual materials from sawmill operations.


We use a modern kraft pulp system that is free of elemental chlorine, allowing us to meet or exceed all U.S. Food and Drug Administration and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requirements. And our strong, three-ply paperboard structure uses fewer fibers than do many of our competitors' products.


As a company with one of North America's largest private recycling operations, Weyerhaeuser understands the importance of increasing recycling at all levels. We take an active part in educating the community about ways that liquid packaging can be recycled. In Japan, our largest market, 20 to 25% of liquid cartons are recycled into high-value consumer products. And that number continues to grow.


Our paper-based packaging materials can be produced with biodegradable resin coatings on request.