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Seedling Sales

Weyerhaeuser has more than 100 years of experience planting and nurturing young trees, and we sell high-quality seedlings that reflect our leadership in tree-growing and propagation technologies. We pioneered new ways to predict frost hardiness and root development. We adopted "wrenching" treatments to produce compact, fibrous roots that help trees establish rapidly in the field. And we were the first to develop freezer storage for late-season planting. Those early advances continue to influence the quality of our product today.

Learn more about the seedlings and seeds we make available:

  • In the southeastern United States. Bareroot seedlings for loblolly pine, slash pine, and 12 varieties of hardwood. Containerized seedlings for loblolly and longleaf pine.
  • In Oregon, Washington, and beyond.
    • In the U.S. Pacific Northwest and British Columbia, containerized and bareroot reforestation seedlings from a wide array of native conifers and hardwoods are available, as well as our world-class genetically improved Douglas fir seed.
    • In addition, our nurseries in the Pacific Northwest provide customers nationwide with bareroot and containerized Christmas tree seedlings, as well as bareroot and container liners of native Oregon and Washington hardwoods and ornamental species.

Weyerhaeuser has a limited number of seedlings available for donation to qualified groups. Learn more.