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Walk through almost any supermarket in the world and you’ll find our cellulose fibers. They’re in diapers, tissues, paper towels — even plastics. Our diverse sales staff is strategically located in offices worldwide to help our global customers serve their customers with sustainable products that have quality, service and innovation built in. 

Our fibers in your products, from diapers to plastics.



Absorbent (Fluff) Pulp

Absorbent & Specialty Pulp

Absorbent pulp for sanitary disposable products requiring softness and superior absorbency.

Liquid Packaging

Papergrade Pulp

Our papergrade pulp is used for tissues and towels that require strength, smoothness and absorbency.

Our Mills

About Our Mills

Learn where our cellulose fibers mills are located, what products they make and the certifications they've earned.



THRIVE composites use cellulose fibers to reinforce various plastics for lighter weight products and speed of manufacturing.

Publication Papers and Newsprint

Printing & Publishing Papers

Our joint venture, NORPAC, offers bright and affordable products used in books, publications, manuals, leaflets, direct mail and newspapers.